Monday, February 7, 2011

Finding Your Inner Strength...

The last few weeks have been incredibly challenging for me, but I refuse to let them get me down. Instead, I just keep letting go of worry (it causes wrinkles) and find more constructive things to do. The old Pearl would have rolled over and just taken it. Not this Pearl. She documents and refuses to give up. She even got an old fax machine so she didnt have to drop a couple dimes on the kinkos fax machine.

It just goes to show what a girl can do when she gets up, does her hair, her face and puts on a pair of heels, even if its just in her mind and she has to wear a pair of slacks, a shirt tie and flats. It's all in the attitude.

I've met a few Girls out there whose self-esteem has taken quite a beating if not from inside yourselves but the rest of those around you. Pop off those heels, shake the rainwater off of them (If you're up here in Seattle) or the dust off of them (if you're in Phoenix) and walk on. Their opinion of you is really none of your business.  As for beating yourselves up on the inside, that's another post. Be kind to the Girl inside.

My First Girl, Joni

For Joni

Joni, my favorite distraction
You charming troubadour that feeds my persisting procrastination
Have no understanding of my attraction
To the safety of this infatuation.

Never any room for confrontation
She doesn’t hear the important information
While ignoring and refuting my experience and education
That I chalk up her attitude to twenty-something confusion.