Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where is She?

Where is your girl at the moment? Do you feel her in girlspace? In that deep centered connection?  Where is girlspace for you? In what part of your body do you feel it?

My girlspace is deep and I'm a GG. I have a lot of other distractions that keep me from embracing girl space all the time. I got Mom space and Top space,  I got Professional space and Dating space. Girl space, you'd think, would be a part of each of those places. In fact, in many ways, its not. Just because autonomically I'm a girl and I like to be wrapped in everything pink, doesn't make me a girl. Well, yeah it does, but girl space for me is that special deep centeredness of me loving the girl within me.

Find your girl space. Embrace the girl inside you. I don't mean the window dressing of the hair and make up, though where I am at the moment, I need to do so to stay out of the Pit of Despair. Shower, hair, make-up, dress, hose and heels. If my asthma wasn't bad, I'd go for the perfume too.

Focus phrase for Journal/Blogging: Where is your girlspace? How do you embrace her?