Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taking Care of Business...

"Procrastination is just an 13 letter word for SLOTH."
--Bill W., founder of Alcoholics Anonymous

So many times Ms. Pearl has procrastinated instead of taking care of business of her own.  Procrastination comes in many forms, unfortunately and sometimes masks depression or ADD, ADHD and a slew of other alphabet soup issues that any one person can have. 

I've fantasized about my real calling and not done much about it, I've given myself every excuse possible not to do it. I've put off applying for grad school, finishing a play, a screenplay, editing a book because I do not want to face the reality of letting myself be successful at my calling of being a writer. In the back of my mind I have heard my mother's words, 'You'll never make it as a writer.' I've feared my father's disowning me for finding out the kind of writing I do or the subject matter. I've worried about my own children's views and futures if found out about my genre as a writer and possible success thereof.

Supposedly SMUT sells. I've yet to find that so. I hate writing vanilla or admitting that I can write vanilla when the other fifty flavors are so much appealing.  I could publish both. I could really get to work and get busy with the rest of my work but I put it off out of fear. 

How many of my girls are the same way whether they cross dress or they are deciding on when to really put forth the effort in their transition? How many times has the fear of someone who knows the gender born you discovers the gender chosen you? How does fear keep you in the dresser and from venturing out?

With that being said, Girls, here's your focus phrases for the day:  1. When fear keeps me from being whom I really am, I... 2. My wasted effort of procrastination would be better spent on...  3. Just for today I am going to open my dresser drawer and...

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